WooCommerce Developer

WooCommerce developer here at your service! If you are looking to launch an e-commerce website (a site with a shopping cart) and would like a low cost affordable option then we highly recommend WooCommerce. WooCommerce is developed by Woothemes and runs on the popular WordPress framework. It has a very simple admin dashboard, integrates with several payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Payments, etc.), and there are hundreds of plugins that make development fast.


At Connect 4 Web Design we have built 4 different WooCommerce websites and we are working on a fifth as of the writing of this post (6/15/16). Since learning the WooCommerce framework in 2014 we’ve fallen in love with it. Is it far easier to set up than other shopping carts like BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. This means less development time and lower costs for our clients. In working with WooCommerce we have done a lot of studying to find out which plugins are must haves and which ones aren’t worth their price. We have also become very familiar with the set up process from the business owner’s perspective. We understand the integration of payment gateways, adding/editing products, implementing shipping calculating, shipping tracking, e-mail marketing, conversion tracking, product(s) marketing, and everything else that goes along with running an e-commerce business. We are confident that if you choose to hire us to create your e-commerce website that we will: provide you with a great looking e-commerce site, be very helpful in the set up of your online business, & provide you with great marketing.


The large popularity of WooCommerce has led to the development of many themes/templates. Woothemes has developed 20 or so themes and hundreds of more themes have been developed by third party companies. You can choose to have a custom theme developed, but most often you can find a theme that you can purchase that fits your needs. Most themes sell for around $30 to $100. We generally recommend purchasing a theme from Woothemes since they are the makers of WooCommerce and their themes are very reliable. No matter what theme you start with we can create a child theme for that theme and customize your website using the child theme. A Child theme uses the templates and functionality of the main theme. The main theme is called the Parent theme. This allows us to customize the theme with the right look and layout that you’d like while still maintaining the functionally of the main/Parent theme. Also, using a popular theme means that you will get regular updates to the theme and support from a large community. By creating a child theme for that theme it will ensure that the customizations made to your website won’t be overriden when your main theme is updated.


One of the biggest benefits in working with WooCommerce is the hundreds of plugins that are available. There are many that are free and there are many that cost money. Most plugins that we use are creative by Woothemes, the maker of WooCommerce and can be purchased at a very good price. They generally range in price from $50 to $250 per plugin. Most are between $50 and $100. The plugins have an annual renewal fee of 50% of their original cost. This annual renewal cost is to ensure that you get the updated version of the plugin. You can choose not to renew and to use the older versions of some plugins, but most often it is recommended that you get the updated version. Some people are turned off by the price of the plugins but when you consider buying a plugin for $100 versus paying a developer to create & maintain a custom plugin/software for you then you are saving hundreds of dollars. Also, the benefit of using a plugin that thousands of other companies are using helps make the plugin better. The more people that use the same software/plugin the more likely the bugs on the software are to be found and fixed quickly. We love many of the plugins that currently exist in the market and as you work with WooCommerce we are confident that you will love them too.


WooCommerce has dozens of popular payment gateways that you can easily integrate with your website. We prefer to use PayPal Advanced. It integrate seamlessly. It allows you to keep your customers on your website during the checkout process which has been shown to improve conversion rates. It allows you to perform refunds from your website versus having to login to another website like PayPal to issue the refund. Also the brand name PayPal is very strong which makes your customers confident in the checkout process. PayPal Advanced and 99% of payment gateways require an SSL certificate which they should. The SSL certificate encrypts customers information during the checkout process to prevent hackers from stealing it. An SSL certificate costs around $60/year and can be purchased from your hosting company and other 3rd party companies.


The WooCommerce community is very large and is growing daily. This is very important since a strong community leads to good support and lots of free information on the web. This means that you can often search for answer on google and find them quickly. And of course as your WooCommerce Developer we will be here to support you with any problems or technical issues that you may have.


As your WooCommerce Developer we are here to help you with any questions that you have. We have created some videos and instructions on how to perform basic tasks in WordPress and WooCommerce. For basics tasks please checkout our WooCommerce How to articles and videos. “How to in WooCommerce”


If you are ready to get started on building your e-commerce website then we’d love to help. Give us a call and/or send us an email using one of the forms below. We’d love to be your WooCommerce Developer. In addition to building your website we have a great team that can provide you with a great looking website and help you marketing your site. We offer marketing research, SEO, PPC management, conversion tracking, e-mail marketing, and analytics to make your business sales go boom!