Quite often companies ignore the importance of marketing in their sales plan. Those companies often pay the price short term and long term. Marketing is essential for growth and most often essential to stay in business.


We are a Marketing company based in Alpine, Utah.

We can help you with a variety of marketing services including: Branding, Marketing strategy, Social Media Marketing, PPC (Google & Bing ads pay per click advertising), and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We can design and develop a beautiful website for you. A great website is an essential marketing asset in today’s digital world. As a full service marketing agency we are a one stop shop for your company.


The first step in marketing is defining your brand. If your brand, services, and/or products are not defined from the beginning then it is hard to have a strong and consistent brand in the marketing process. We will help you define your brand and our graphic designers will create strong visual assets to represent your brand including a logo.

Market research

As part of the marketing and branding process we will do the market research to see who your competition is and how you match up to them. A portion of the research will included keyword research which will be beneficial for SEO and PPC marketing.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy involves detailed market research. It's important that you understand what people are wanting / needing and your competition. Having a firm understanding of your market helps you position your company appropriately in the market and leads to a solid marketing plan.

PPC Management (Google and Bing ads)

If you're looking for immediate and long term results then PPC advertising is right for you. We have handled hundreds of thousands of dollars in PPC marketing campaigns. We regularly get better results than other marketing agencies. Every client who has left another agency and switched over to us saw a decrease in service fees and better ROI (Return On Investment).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization services)

While google ads, Bing ads, and social media ads are very effective it's always great to get free traffic to your website. Think of SEO as an upfront payment to get traffic. if you build your site correctly and with the right content from the beginning then you set your company up for a great long term ROI.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is a great way to develop your brand, reconnect with website visitors, and help your brand go viral. As your marketers we will use PPC and website traffic to help grow your social media presence and drive leads and sales.


Learn more about our individual services that we offer.


There are many skills required to market your company, services, and products effectively. Our team of skilled experts we will work together to help your company succeed. We have the graphic designers, marketers, and developers to service your company.


What marketing services do we offer?

We offer the following marketing services: Branding, Marketing research, Marketing strategy, SEO, Pay Per Click management (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMO), Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Design, Logo Design, Website Development, and App development.

How much do your marketing services cost?

We bill by the hour for marketing. The number of hours that we put into your marketing each month depends on what your marketing budget is and what marketing services we are providing you with. Our hourly rate is $65 per hour. In order for our marketing services to be effective we recommend at least 6 hours per month of marketing work.


Transparency and results. We believe in being transparent with our clients about pricing and how we operate. We deliver great looking websites and great marketing results. You get what you pay for and we promise to make sure you get your money's worth when you work with us.


We believe in earning your business each month. We do offer longer term contracts with discount pricing, but we do not require long term contracts.


Many marketing agencies charge a flat rate and often they aren't transparent about what % of your payment goes into their pocket and what percentage of payment goes towards your ads. We like the simple approach of defining a monthly marketing budget for your ads cost and a monthly budget that you pay us. We track our hours and then bill you at the end of the month.


We provide regularly reporting and communication with our clients to evaluate the success of their marketing. We also meet with our clients 1 to 2 times per month to get feedback from our clients and to continue to optimize the marketing plan as a team. We believe the we (Connect 4) and the business owners are a marketing team and that we find the greatest success when we collaborate.