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Web Design Project for BlueEQ

We designed BlueEQ's new website. We then developed their website & provided initial SEO optimization.

a screen capture of the homepage for the Blue EQ website
a screen capture of the Blue EQ website
a screen capture of the homepage for the Blue EQ website
webpage resources offering emotional intelligence trainings on the Blue EQ website

Branding design work

Blue EQ branding info

The Measure, Learn, Apply icon for Blue EQ's website
several screenshots display the webpage design for Blue EQ

Style guide

For Blue EQ's website design we chose pastel colors that matched the ...





Desktop computer and mobile phone displaying the Homepage of the Blue EQ website

Web Design & Development


Laptop displaying the Blue EQ website homepage


Homepage Development

Overcoming Leader Fatigue & Burnout

Creating Higher Well-being in the Workplace

A Leader's Guide to Developing Emotional Intelligence

An Introduction to The 4 Quadrants of Psychological Safety

The purpose of this page was to quickly direct viewers to their desired destination

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Mobile Website Design & Development

BlueEQ's old website wasn't very mobile friendly, so we rebuilt their site so that it looks great when people view their site on their computers, tablets, or mobile phones.