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Logo design Evolution 35 logo

We recreated Evolution 35's logo since their only digital copy was pixelated and they did not have the vector file. We designed and developed a new website for them that displays the tours that they offer. The tour pages are very interactive which allows users to view important details of the tours and begin the booking process with Evolution 35.

Web Design Portfolio Project Evolution 35 Homepage Design
Web Design Project Evolution 35 Branding





Web Design Portfolio Project Evolution 35 Home Page View

Web Design

For this project we designed designed 2 custom pages. We custom designed the home page and the group / couples tours page.

Web Design Portfolio Project Laptop View Evolution 35


Homepage development

Let customers select search for desired destinations.

Allow customers to submit information for the travel interest.

Group tours page development

Display trip itinerary

Display photo gallery of sites customers will see on the trip

Share videos of the adventures

Displays a google map showing the locations of the trips

Booking form

Let's customers begin the booking process and plan their trip

Define the number of people in the group

Assign users to different hotel rooms

Calculate pricing for the group

Submit the group information for booking

Travel agency page development

Provide information each service Evolution 35 offers for travel to specific locations.

Allow customers to submit information for the travel interest.

The purpose this page is to tell potential customers about what services they offer for travel to each location of travel.

Mobile Website Design & Development

Evolution 35's website is built to be responsive for all devices. This makes the website look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We built all websites responsive. Does your website look good on mobile and smaller screen sizes?

Web Design Evolution 35 adventure photos