Web Design Project: Tropical Sands Vacations

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Tropical Sands Vacations Logo Design

We designed and developed a new website for Tropical Sands Vacations in order to help their site represent their brand and the vacation packages that they offer. We also did some custom API to allow customers to search the vacation locations and hotels that they provide bookings for.

Website design for Tropical Sands Vacation
Logo Design Portfolio Tropical Sands Vacations




Web Design

In designing this site we wanted to communicate the messages of fun, tropical beauty, and relaxation. We use tropical colors and great photos to show potential customers what Tropical Sands Vacations can offer for them and their friends and family.

Website Development Portfolio Tropical Sands Vacations Home page


Homepage Development

Previews of locations they book for

Pricing range for packages

Resorts search page

List of resorts they book for

Travel agent page

Mobile Website Design & Development

Tropical Sands Vacations Web Design