Web Development Project: Rapid Reboot

Rapid Reboot specializes in recovery products for athletes of all levels. They sell compression therapy products and other products to help accelerate recovery and improve performance.

Rapid Reboot Logo

The Rapid Reboot website was designed in house by their Creative Director Brett Parker. Brett reached out to us to see if we would develop their new website. We were more than happy to help. It has been a pleasure working with Rapid Reboot's team. They have challenged us in creating the perfect e-commerce solution for their company.

Web Development Portfolio Project Rapid Reboot Homepage
Web Development Custom WooCommerce Shop Page Rapid Reboot




website development portfolio project rapid reboot

Web Development

We built Rapid Reboot a very custom e-commerce website that sits on top of WooCommerce. They wanted custom layouts in order for their customers to have the best experience in selecting the correct product and for a smooth checkout experience.

Web Development Project Rapid Reboot Homepage

Website development

Homepage Development

Highlight different products

Slider to show their official partners

Lead form to build their email marketing list

The purpose of their home page is to highlight the recent deals and promotions, display the fact that they have apps for their products, drive customers to their shop pages, and highlight their sponsorships.

E-commerce shop page

Allows customers to quick preview products

Let's client's jump to product categories sections with a sticky side navigation

Simple e-commerce store shop page.

Product page

Mobile Website Development

All Rapid Reboot pages were built responsive. These allows them to adapt to the different devices that they are being viewed on. This ensures that the site looks great at different screen sizes so that the site looks and functions great for all users.

Rapid Reboot Product Preview