Web Development Project: Voy Out

Voy Out provides information about outdoor adventures such as Canyoneering, Hiking, and Rock climbing.

Voy Out Logo Design White Iteration

We have done all of the design, development, and marketing for Voy Out. The Voy Out website is a very complex WordPress site that allows the Voy Out owners and content contributors to add adventures with detailed write ups and make these adventures searchable for end users using advanced search criteria (location, time, features, etc.).

Website Development Portfolio Project Voy Out
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Home page web design for Voy Out

Web Design

We designed the entirety of the website for Voy Out. Designed pages include the home page, search page, location page, and canyon adventure page. Our design focused on features that would be the most useful to site users searching for outdoor adventures.

Web Development Homepage Voy Out Desktop view


Homepage Development

Search using text

Links to Parks locations pages

The homepage provides users with a quick overview of the different locations that they can search for adventures in. It also provides a keyword search tool to quickly find their adventure based on the name of the advnture.

Parks & locations page

Interactive maps overview

Sortable list of adventures

Adventure preview gallery

The parks and location page allows users to see an overview of epic adventures in a specific park, area, or region. Users can further sort adventures on this page to help determine which are best for their interests or skill level and ability. This page also features a gallery overview of each of the adventures with a brief description of important details, such as the duration of that adventure. An interactive map was also built into this page so that users can better plan and see where each adventure location in the area actually is.

Search page

Search criteria

Map with search results

List of search results

The search page allows user to quickly find an adventure based on a variety of criteria including: location, length of time the adventure will take, if a permit is required, and many other criteria. The search results then displays the adventures on a map and in a list for users to quickly view.

Canyoneering Page

Map Beta

Adventure photo gallery

Adventure beta Print Out

Trip reports

The canyoneering page contains the specific details of a selected canyoneering adventure. This page is laid out so that the most pertinent details that users are looking for can be quickly found at the top of the page. Users can further obtain information and beta on each canyoneering adventure by exploring the photo gallery, the approach & exit (hiking) maps, and dropdowns of information for each rappel/obstacle in a canyon.

Mobile Website Design & Development

We built Voy Out's site to be user-friendly at all common screen sizes from desktops to cell phones to tablets. Users are able to easily navigate to their desired adventure from their phones with no hassle.

Web Design Voy Out Website