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We designed and developed a new website for CorVitals Inc. in order to help their site represent their brand and the future of ECG monitoring.

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Web design for cor vitals

Web Design

We designed the entirety of the website for CorVitals. Designed pages include the home page, CorVitals Advantage (product features) page, and news article page. Our design took into account that potential buyers of the CorVitals heart monitor would want a solid base of information about the product, so each page features a healthy amount of images and easy-to-read text content.

Website Design Homepage


Homepage Development

Product feature blocks

Links to about and product information pages

The home page provides visitors with an easy way to understand what product Cor Vitals is selling and what the features of the product are. The home page also allows users to navigate to the CorVitals Advantage page to learn more specifics about the product. In the industry that CorVitals is in, it was important to include experience and a bit about their reputation on the home page, so we did.

CorVitals Product Page

Images featuring product

Details about product functionality

Sample reports

On the CorVitals Advantage page, users can discover all of the features and functionality of the heart monitor developed by CorVitals. Through images and sample reporting, site visitors can understand the advantage of why they should choose the CorVitals heart monitor.

News Article Page

Comment and reply features

Related and recent article links

Industry news

The news article page allows site visitors to find more information on industry news and current technologies related to heart monitoring. On this page, users can find related and recent articles to what they are currently viewing as well as comment, ask questions, and reply on the article page.

Mobile Website Design & Development

As we do with all of our website builds, we made sure to develop the content on each page to adjust to the size of the user's screen. Whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone screen, users will be able to clearly read and easily navigate their way through the CorVitals site.

CorVitals Web Design