Website Design is one of our specialties at Connect 4 Web Design. If you are looking for a brand new website or if you are just looking to update your current site to a new/modern look then we can help. Our team has designed hundreds of websites and are here to help you create the unique look that you desire. We have designed and built e-commerce websites, Dental websites, Attorney websites, Landscape websites, physical therapy websites, and many other type of sites. If you want a website built specific for one of those industries or another industry we can do it! We are located in Alpine, UT. We are willing to travel for meetings anywhere in Utah county and to cities in the southern Salt Lake city area. If you live further away and would like to meet then please give us a call and we can workout a meeting place or discuss your website business goals over the phone.

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  • A great initial impression
  • The design must be focused around your brand
  • Correct use of colors
  • Should be simple and clean
  • Good use of “white space” / negative space
  • Should lead potential clients/customers to accomplishing the goals that you set (adding items to shopping carts, checking out, filling out a form, clicking on a phone number to call you
  • Design should be consistent throughout the site
  • Should include high quality images
  • Use animation when helpful to direct potential customers to certain goals & to entertain the user
  • Should be optimized for SEO
  • Provide an overall good User Experience (UX)


When a user first comes to your website you want them to feel 3 things: 1) Your company is professional/legit   2) Quality   3) The emotions of your brand. Everyone loves an aesthetically pleasing site, it stimulates the mind in a positive way and makes the user want to stick around a little bit longer. Hopefully, long enough to make them one to call you, make a purchase, or fill out a form. The length of time that a user stays on your website (Avg. Session Duration) and if they visit multiple pages (Bounce rate) is tracked by Google. If you have Google Analytics set up properly these two measurements are easily tracked. In our opinion these are 2 of the major variables in Page Rank. So, when you make that first impression it is important that your design is impressive enough to keep the visitor on your site for some time and visiting different pages.


Brand focused design means that your design and website content matches your brand. Your website’s design should bring about the emotions that you want associated with your brand. It should represent that promises that you make to your clients/potential clients when they visit your site. Read more about branding


Your website’s design should use the colors that represent and define your brand and logo. When people see your website they should get the same feeling when they look at your logo and what you have defined your brand as. The two should provide and elicit the same feelings of emotion. The use of colors should be simple and not overwhelming to the user.


Your website should be simple and clean meaning that your design doesn’t try to accomplish too much in small spaces. Rather each page and section of your site should be focused and limit the use of colors. Too many colors can be distracting and overload the user. Also a good use of white/negative space can help separate the different sections of your website visually.


Goal oriented design clearly communicates to website visitors what you want them to learn and do when they visit your website. It sets the user on the path that you want them on with very little distraction until they have accomplished the main goals of your site.


Consistency in design means that your site has the same look and feel from one page to the next. You want users to feel like they are on one site. You want them to feel comfortable in reading content and navigating from one page to another. You want each page to reiterate the experience that your home page or other landing page provided website visitors with when they first came to your website.


High quality images drastically change the look of a website. That’s why we always recommend having photos taken by a professional or purchasing stock photos from a quality website like Shutterstock or iStock As part of our designing process we do offer the service of finding and helping you select photos that are great quality and enhance the look of your website. We also can edit and optimize the size of the images to improve loading time so that your website loads fast for visitors.


Animations are fun and are becoming more of a standard part of design. Companies often want to entertain their website visitors. However, some of the best things that you can do with animation on your site are: get the users attention (e.g. make a contact button blink) and communicate to them that their actions are working (change a color of a button when they hover over it)


The Design of your website will dictate the HTML markup of your site which in turn effects SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That is why it is very important to include SEO thinking into your design process. By including SEO thinking in your design process you will make SEO that much easier for the developers and marketers. This will pay off well when it comes to ranking higher Organically.


User Experience Design is design that takes into account how users will view and interact with your website. It considers the visual and technical interaction that a user will experience while on your site. Good UX Design will use standardized design patterns (e.g. a hamburger button for the navigation on a mobile device). It will take into account what the goals of the users are and provide important feedback (a check mark showing that a task has been completed) are users interact on the site.

This list of descriptions for what makes a great website design is not exhaustive. However, it is a very good list to start. If you would like to discuss the design of a new website or redesigning an old website then give us a call or send us an email using one of the forms below