Website analytics is the force that should drive all decision making on your website. If you aren’t tracking data on your website then you are missing out on valuable information. Most importantly, if you aren’t acting on the data that you have then just wait for your competition to pass you by. It is our goal to help you (our clients) stay competitive in today’s age of information. As web analytics experts we will implement google analytics for you and other data tracking software. We will help you collect the data that is helpful for you to make the right decisions. We will help you determine what goals are valuable and set up tracking for those goals. We will then help you monitor your data and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your goals are being met.

Google Analytics Acquisition Overview

Google Analytics Acquisition Overview


What can be measured today on the web is endless. You name it and we can most likely track and measure it. The area of analytics includes your website analytics, advertising analytics, and SEO analytics. Analytics in all of these areas are important and should be part of your decision making.


  • Phone Number call via clicks
  • Sales Conversions
  • Form submissions
  • What keywords people search before visiting your website
  • What pages people visit most often
  • What keywords are leading to goal conversion (e.g. phone clicks)
  • What path people are taking before calling / what pages they are viewing
  • What links people are clicking on
  • These are just some of the items that we track

Below is a screenshot of an “Audience Overview” from google analytics. It provides some very basic but helpful data. Looking at this graph you can quickly see the daily fluctuation in visitors/users to the website. If you look below the graph you can see even more data like the total number of visitors/users for the given time period. You can also see the average length of time that each user spent on the website. This data is a good start, but most often will want to dig deeper and find data that we can act on.

Website Analytics Experts Example


Advertising analytics are among the most important analytics to track and analyze. They help you determine what marketing money is being well spent & what marketing money is just going into the trash. If you don’t have a good ROI from your marketing budget then your company will not grow and will most likely fail. It is our goal at Connect 4 Web Design to help your business grow & blow past your competition. Here are some key advertising analytics that we can track for you.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) for Google AdWords & Bing Ads
  • Keywords that led to phone calls
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • Cost per Sale
  • Form submissions
  • What avenue of marketing provides the best ROI
  • These are just some of the items that we track


SEO analytics is a great way of letting you know if all of your SEO work is really paying off. Great SEO will lead to great rankings. Organic rankings (non paid rankings) can provide you with great ROI. Below is a list of items that we can track with SEO analytics.

  • Your Domain Authority
  • Page Authority for you landing pages
  • Keyword rankings in search engine results
  • Number of inbound links to your website
  • Website errors that may affect your ranking
  • These are just some of the items that we track

As you can see the world of analytics is very intense and widespread. Analytics is part of every aspect of a web based business. So, if you want to improve your website, your marketing, or your SEO then you will want to involve analytics. As website analytics experts we are here to help. We can help you with the implementation, tracking, and analysis of your data. If you have any questions about the analytics services that we offer then please do give us a call. We can quickly answer any questions that you have and provide you with a quote.