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We offer Pay Per click services from the research phase to the PPC management phase. We do the research, campaigns set up, landing page design, landing page development, PPC management, and analytics to ensure that you get the best ROI.

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PPC marketing is a science and requires in depth research, analytics, and continual management. Through our years of experience we have learned the science of PPC and have created detailed processes that we follow to ensure success. You can learn about our processes and services that we offer below. https://goo.gl/S6esMp In PPC marketing we focus on the AdWords & Bing Ads platforms because their search engines account for 82% of the US search engine market share.

PPC Reasearch

Everything that we do begins with research and analytics. We let data drive our decisions and the results follow.

What our research involves

As part of our research process we will find the keywords that are the most relevant to the products and services that you offer. We then evaluate cost and level of competition for these keywords. Once we have determined the keywords that we are going to target we then evaluate your landing pages.

Landing Pages Evaluation & Design

A significant part of success in PPC marketing is having quality landing pages. Quality landing pages can boost your PPC marketing or completey break it. When people go to a website they have very little patience. It is our job as marketers and designers to ensure that you have excellent langing pages.

What We Evaluate

In our process of evaluating your landing pages we will check for relevant content, quality design, and a good User Experience (UX Design). We will make sure that you communicate the benefits of your products/services well. We will make sure that your call to actions stand out. We will make sure that your design is clean & most importantly that your page leads to covnersions.


    Landing Page Development

    Once we have your pages designed then we will bring them to life. Our team of developers will build your pages so that they look great on all devices. We build all website so that they are responsive. This means that they respond to the devices that they are being viewed on. This ensures that your visitors have a great user experience whether they viewing your website on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

    PPC Campaigns/Ads Creation and Launch

    While we are designing and developing your landing pages we will be working on your AdWords and Bing campaigns. Once the landings pages are ready we will launch your campaigns.

    PPC Analytics & Management

    Once we have launched your PPC marketing we will regularly monitor and evaluate the effectivness of your campaigns. We evaluate what is working and what isn’t. We will search for new keywords, create new ads, modify existing ads, add negative keywords, evaluate the best source of conversions, and make many other modifications to optimize your PPC marketing.

    PPC marketing requires regular attention and monitoring. Marketing is a process that requires responding to the market and the data that we see. The faster you can adapt to the market & data the more successful your company will be.

    PPC Marketing Workflow

    • 1.Customer input/feedback
    • 2.Keyword Research
    • 3.Landing Page Evaluation
    • 4.Landing Page design
    • 5.Landing Page Development
    • 6.Campaignes Analytics / Data
    • 7.Campaigns / Ads Creation
    • 8.Landing Page Development