WordPress Developer

WordPress developer / developers here at your service! If you are looking for a great website with low cost and the ability to add and update content without knowing programming then WordPress is a great solution for you.


At Connect 4 Web Design we have built over a hundred websites in WordPress and counting. It is one of our two favorite frameworks to build in. We know that some don’t call it a framework, but for simplicity’s sake we will. It is very quick to set up. It is well documented and written about. It has a great user interface and it is very popular. These are a few of the many reasons that we love WordPress. We are confident that as you use it that you will love it too. In developing in WordPress we have used free themes and purchased themes when building WordPress sites. We have also created custom themes and child themes in creating WordPress sites. When we meet with you we can discuss what your goals are, the functionality that you want on your website, and your budget. Once we know both of these we can help you decide what the best option is for you to take in building your site.


WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS has a user interface that allows users add, edit, and modify content without any or very little programming. It is the most popular CMS on the web. As of the writing of this post (6/16/16) WordPress is used on 26.4% of the websites in the world. 59.5% of all websites that use a CMS run on WordPress.

Here is a list of common things that you can do in WordPress without knowing any programming:

  • Add new pages & posts
  • Add new items to your navigation / menu
  • Edit content in your pages & posts
  • Add/edit images in your pages & posts

Here are some specific editing options that we often provide for clients:

  • Provide the option for them to create/edit new employee profiles
  • Provide the option for them to create/edit services that they provide
  • Allow them to add and edit images and text to slide shows
  • Allow them to add images on specific sections of their page
  • Allow them to add/edit images to photo galleries

If you don’t see you one of the editing options here, don’t worry. This isn’t an exhaustive list and we are confident that we can provide you with the editing options that you need.


Custom WordPress theme development is a regular part of our business. Whether we are creating a new theme from scratch or modifying an existing one we can create a custom theme for your business. Most WordPress themes don’t have all of the options and layouts that you need for your website. When that is the case we can take what is good from and existing theme and add to it or modify it to fit your needs. Also, many themes come with extra code and code libraries that are not necessary for you website and slow down the load time of your website. Depending on your wants and needs we can tell you what is the best and most efficient way to build the website that you want.


Child theme development is when we take an existing theme/template and use it as the base for a new custom theme. The child theme will inherit/use all of the templates and styles that the parent theme (original theme) has. This is often a great option when you find a theme that is very close to the layout that you’d like and you want the layout slightly modified. Sometimes a child theme is a great option and other times it’s more of a hassle than creating a new theme from scratch. If you have a child theme that you are interested in using and know what you want then we can tell you if a child theme is a great solution for you or not.


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